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Ever heard of Hydretain?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Have you ever considered yourself a knowledgable lawn guy but never heard of this secret product called Hydretain? Today, we will explore what this product is, how it works, and the benefits associated with it.

What is Hydretain?

Hydretain is essentially a chemistry mix that allows it to act as little water magnets. Scientists created a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that can attract moisture from the air and soil. An application is still safe for children, pets , and groundwater is 93% bio based but is not fully certified organic.

How does this work?

Hydretain can be applied by liquid or granular and both will need watered into the root zone for full effectiveness. When water typically enters the soil, vapor and droplets can easily evaporate or be pulled down through gravity and lost to the root zone of plants. By applying hydretain, the products attaches itself to the root zone of your plants, allowing it to constantly attract what would be lost water. An application can lasts up to 3 months and be used on crops, plants, turf, gardens, and trees.

What are the benefits of Hydretain?

  • Maximizes watering efficiency

  • Reduces watering requirements by up to 50%

  • Minimizes localized dry spots

  • Delays wilt and extends flower life

  • Increases seed germination

  • Improves plant establishment

  • Maximizes crop yields

  • Increases nutrient uptake

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